Alien Space Ship

This is an introductory class to the new 3D products.  You will learn to chalk or paint the ship, stand and base, then you will assemble the egg. Included will be a new design base, which has an indentation for size 100 chain (not included), a standard base and a hinge ring for a duck egg. 

Please bring RET’s and either Loctite Epoxy Plastic Binder or Super Glue Plastic Fusion.

Friday:  4/24/2020     7-8:00 pm
Cost:  $35.00       Deposit:  $15:00 by April 15th

Bob Adkins 
11001 Dyer St #251
El Paso, TX 79934 

Cold Porcelain  Violets

You will learn how to trim up a finding to create a beautiful decoration for your egg, which could be used on the top or side or adapted to use as a stand trim.  Using cold porcelain you will learn to make sweet violets.  Additional silk ribbon, sniglets etc., will be provided in class with the finding.  
Please bring RET’s

Sunday:  4/26/2020          2-3:00 pm
Cost:  $25.00               Deposit by April 1st

Linda Martin
Unit G, Bank View, Shard Lane, Hambleton, Poulton-le-Fylde, Lancashire, United Kingdom. FY6 9BX    Tel/Fax: +44 (0) 1253 702703

Rose Bouquet

A large goose egg has 2 fancy cut openings.   After decorating the egg with a pink velvet flourish and lots of bling, 2 large goose eggshell ovals covered with a silk print (2 choices) are glued over openings.  The stand is a glass medallion.  Students will bend and shape a gold leaf finding to hold the egg.
                        Please bring RET’s

Friday:  4/24/2020               11-1:00 am
Cost:  $50.00               Deposit:  $25.00 by April 1st

Debbie (Botts) Poster: IEAG Secretary
6331 N. Lakepoint Pl
Parker, CO  80134


Jem Egg Marker Master Class

This class will guide you through the use of the Jem Egg Marker, showing how to use it to it’s full potential.  The marker is very accurate and will take from a quail to an ostrich egg and comes complete with a fully adjustable scribe.  Learn how to mark even an elaborate egg and you will receive comprehensive handouts in class.


1.  Class and a brand new Jem Egg Marker that you will receive at class for $120.00.

2.  Class and bring your own Jem Egg Marker to use or just watch and learn for $40.00.

Please bring some eggs (preferably goose) to practice on.

Saturday: 4/25/2020   1-3:00 pm
Cost:  $120.00 / $40.00

Deposit:  $60.00/$20.00    Deadline:  April 1st

Linda Martin
Unit G, Bank View , Shard Lane, Hambleton,  Poulton-le-Fylde, Lancashire, United Kingdom. FY6 9BX    Tel/Fax: +44 (0) 1253 702703

Beginner Pysanky

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at “Ukrainian Egg Decorating”?  This class will show you this ancient wax-resist and dye process. I will provide all materials.  

Come and have fun trying the wonderful art form.

Saturday:  4/25/2020       11-1:00 pm
Cost:  $45.00               Deposit:  $25.00 by April 1st

Beth Smith

702 Championship Dr
Oxford, CT  06478

 Quail Egg Lattice 

This is a quail egg with three areas of flowers and lattice cuts in between that are braided and glittered.  Participants will put on the leaves, clay flowers, braid, and glitter, and put on the tops and bottom pearls.  

A beautiful and dainty breath of spring.

Your choice of:  Pink or Blue as the main color.    Please bring RET’s

Friday: 4/24               4-5:00 pm
Cost:  $25.00      Deposit:  $15.00 by April 1st

Doreen Monahan
25 Phillip Dr., Spofford, NH  03462

Please contact each teacher directly to reserve your seat.

Joyeux Noelle

This egg is done in soft pastel tones, with a silk print of father time, findings, rhinestones and finished with cold porcelain pale pink poinsettias.  Inside tree is trimmed with bows, mini flowers, bindis7, sparkle snow, and gold beads.   Egg may not be finished in class.  

Please bring your RET’s, pliers to shape findings, paint brush, clear silicone, and regular glues and Mod Podge.

Friday: 4/24/2020               1-4:00 pm
Cost:  $95.00             Paid in full by April 20th

Lorraine LaPorte

5 King John Dr 
Londonderry, NH 03053

Delicate, Bread Dough Sweet Pea flowers

You will, by hand, from beginning to the end, make these tiny life-like flowers and leaves.  These can be used in or on an egg, or just to decorate whatever you have a mind.  You will receive extra clay, and the recipe for the air drying clay dough that is easy to make.

Plus a little surprise.  

Please bring: Cloth to work on, white glue, small sharp scissors, small paintbrushes, water colors (Crayola is fine).  Embossing tools and RET’s

Friday: 4/24/2020                 9-11:00am
Cost:  $40.00               paid in full by 4/1/2020

Lona Dagutis
15 Kittery Ct., Sellersville, PA 18960


Light Bulb Christmas Egg                

Small / Medium Goose Egg – Marked and Cut.  Will paint using Liquid Pearls.  Gold, Red, Green thin ribbon.  Red/Green Swarovski Chain.  Light bulb topper to be painted color of your choice.  Please bring your RET’s

Saturday:  4/25/2020             9-11:00 am
Cost:  $45.00 Deposit: $25.00 by April 20th

Fran Atkins & Megan Gibbs

11001 Dyer St, #251 
El Paso, TX 79934 


Study in Purple

Rhea egg and base cut and painted with violet-flower print glued to lower side of opening.  With the identical print, you will cut out individual petals and leaves, coat them with Mod Podge and curving them with a stylus.  These individual pieces will then be glued to the print for a three-dimensional effect.  You will also add Swarovski flat backs and a gold butterfly.  Inside you will create a stream with 5-minute epoxy and colored micro fibers.  Your stream will be bordered with greenery and a swan, and a bow and topper to complete the design.

Sunday:  4/26/2020                9-12:00 noon
Cost:  $60.00                           Deposit:  $25.00 by April 1st

Connie Taylor

31 Theodore Ave., Andover, MA  01810

Yuletide Pearl Christmas Tree Ornament

If you are anything like me, you have containers filled with all kinds of different pearls and jewels. I offer you an elegant ornament using all those spare parts.  We will complete the ornament in class.  Let your imagination run wild.
A prepared goose egg will be presented in class all supplies needed to complete this design will be included.  Please bring RET’s

4/26/2020                 11-12:00 noon
Cost:  $24.50                   Registration by April 10th

Russ Hagen

PO Box 11, Rigby, ID  83442
Visa/MasterCard Accepted

Whimsical Garden

This Whimsical Garden is teaming with fantastic glass creatures.  Snails, inchworms, a mouse and flowers all shine in spectacular color.  This goose egg will be precut and ready to be put together.  It sits on a wood base and features moss, dried flora and a large Debbie Botts Poster mushroom.  You will learn a creative dry brush technique that will allow you to apply multiple colors to your egg in random patterns.   This egg will be finished in class.  Please note, colors of creatures and flowers will vary.  You will have your choice and your egg will be painted to match.
Please bring RET’s

Sunday:  4/26/2020                12 noon-2:00pm
Cost:  $75.00                  Deposit: $50.00 by April 1st

Dani Fausek
PO Box 454, Oconomowoe, WI 53066

Gateway to Christmas

This Lighted Emu egg is transformed into a Christmas Winter wonderland.  The interior of the egg features an antique gate that opens up to a Victorian decorated Christmas tree with two lighted lamp posts on either side.  The inside also includes two miniature Victorian Christmas Trees and a bunny.  The outside of the egg is adorned with Crystal Chain, punched and raised poinsettia flowers and features our new Gold Foil Elements.  The kit includes all the supplies to make this egg including a pre-cut and prepared Emu Egg add a pre-wired base with two lampposts ready to place into the egg.  
                      Please bring RET's and epoxy.

Friday:  4/24/2020                 1-5:00 pm
Cost:  $165                  Register by April 15th
Visa/MasterCard Accepted

Russ Hagen
PO Box 11, Rigby, ID  83442


Students will make the lining and place in egg.  They will add chain, flowers and cord to the outside, add hinge ring and place on stand.  Lining colors are variable and will be chosen in class.

Please bring RET’s, e6000 or epoxy and white glue of choice

Thursday:  4/23/2020      5:00-9:00pm
Cost:  50.00                 Registration by 4/15

Rebecca White

10806 S.W. 8th Ave.
Gainsville, FL 32607


You will have the choice of :
1. Bunny or 2. Christmas mailbox. 

1.  The bunny box has bunny on the outside and a butterfly on the flap, with a bunny couple nestling inside. 

2.  The Christmas box has seasons’ greetings on the side and a holly wreath on the flap, with Cardinals inside.

Both will have Swarovski flat backs, silk ribbon, coordinated foliage at the base, and will be mounted on a dowel imbedded into a ½ thick corian base.

                        Please bring RET’s

Friday: 4/24                         9-1:00pm
Cost:  $70.00               Deposit:  $35.00 by Feb 15th

Doreen Monahan
25 Phillip Dr., Spofford, NH  03462
530-933-3432                                                                         Makes a great-personalized gift!

Sweet Dreams

This hanging goose egg is the perfect resting place for the baby angel on a bed of marabou trim.  With a soft pink color palette, you will have a choice of cutting the lattice work at the back or not cutting but trimming with a fine gold cord in a lattice pattern which will also be trimmed with flat back stones.  You will also learn how to make tiny silk flowers to trim the top of the egg.  The pre-marked egg will be mailed out in advance of the class for you to complete the cutwork.  Please state whether you would like to have the petal-shaped latticework marked on the rear panel or do wish to work with the cord trim instead.  ​
                    Please bring your RET’s

Thursday  4/23/2020    12 noon-5:00 pm
Cost: $130.00    Deposit by 3/01/2020 

Linda Martin
Unit G, Bank View, Shard Lane, Hambleton, 
Poulton-le-Fylde, Lancashire, United Kingdom. FY6 9BX    Tel/Fax: +44 (0) 1253 702703 • Email: