“Lighthouse Egg”

Your painted egg will feature a black and white light-
house, set atop a starfish base.  3 seagulls will be cut into the back of the egg.  Around the opening of the egg will be a “Sailor’s knotted rope.”  Seaweed will surround your lighthouse and will tumble out onto the starfish.  A “Sailor’s net” will drape the side of your egg.  Scattered around will be all sorts of beach vegetation and shells.  Best of all, you will write a message in a bottle, and nestle it in the seaweed.  Students should bring: RET’s

4/27/19             8:00 am-10:00 am
Cost:$60.00        Deposit of $25.00 due 4/1/19

Beth Smith
702 Championship Dr.
Oxford, CT 06478


A small goose egg features a solid band around the middle of the egg, bordered by lattice and decorated with class-a-peels and “bling” flowers.  Each end of the egg is covered with silver “bling”.

Students should bring: RET’s

4/26/19     11:00 am-1:00 pm

Cost: $60.00 OR without a stand cost:  $50.00    $35.00 deposit by 4/1/19


Debbie Botts Poster
6331 N Lakepoint Pl.
Parker, CO 80134


“Chicory Fairy”

Rhea egg delivered painted blue with a tree and leaves cut out across the top of the egg and painted appropriately. You will place t he Chicory fairy on the outside of your egg climbing the tree to entice the rare blue butterfly to land on her flower. The leaves of your egg with be beautified with no- hole pearls and glitter. The double butterfly with be painted blue and decorated with no-hole pearls, Swarovski sapphire flatbacks and yellow, marquis-shaped, pointy-backed Swarovski Crystal beads. Inside your egg you will fashion a pond with greenery and flowers to complete the woodland glen.  Students should bring RET’s

Saturday 4/27/19    1
2 noon-2:00 pm
Cost:$70.00      Deposit $25 by 4/1/19

Connie Taylor
31 Theodore Ave
Andover, MA  01810
978-475-6081    ctaylor581@gmail.com

“Faux Cloisonné”

Create the look of cloisonné.  Discover how to create dimension, movement and interest - save an oops, strengthen a shell, or paint a picture. A versatile and useful technique that is beautiful in it’s own rite but can enhance most any design and is essential in repairing the occasional mishap.  Learn how to change a single color into many colors, how to match a project and to be able to recreate it. Colors and how they relate to one another.  Project will not be completed in class  Bring RET’s, baby wipes, a few paper towels

Sunday 4/27/19         12:00 noon-2:00 pm
Cost:$45.00           Deposit of $20 by 3/20/19

               No Kits for this seminar

Eloise Schooley
509 Spurlock Ct.
Chesapeake, VA 23322-7279

 “Wreath Egg”

You will create this charming egg using both paper flowers and “bling” flowers.  You will learn how to make and decorate the wreath, as well as learning a foolproof-really!-method for making the bow.  All skill levels are welcome to join in the fun!  Please let me know your choice of color-yellow/pink or white/multi.  Students should bring basic RET’s

Sunday 4/27/19         1
0:00 am-12:00 noon
Cost:$45.00            Deposit of $20 due 4/1/19

Lisa Riley
251 Valley Park S
Bethlehem, PA 18018 


This Lighted Emu egg is transformed into a winter wonderland.  A hand-painted church is nestled in the snow with a tiny deer by a frozen pond.  The outside of the egg is adorned with Crystal Chain and Bead Chain as well as a Vellum Print that is illuminated when the inside of the egg is lit.  A pre-cut and prepared Emu Egg will be presented in class.  All supplies to complete this egg will be included.

Students should bring:RET’s & small paintbrush

4/26/19  1:00-5:00 pm
Cost: $135.00  by 4/10/19  Visa/MC accepted

Russ Hagen
PO Box 11
Rigby, Idaho 83442

Adorable,Life-Like, Mini Lily Flowers

You will create by hand, from scratch, some adorable lilies.  Flowers can be used on an egg shell, in an egg, or as pictured on a picture frame.  You will receive the recipe for the dough, which is an easy to make air-drying clay.

Students bring: cloth to work on, white glue, small sharp scissors small paint brush, water colors, .005 micron pen

Friday 4/26/19    8:00-11:00 am

Cost: $40.00 paid in full by 4/1/19

Lona Dagutis
15 Kittery Ct
Sellersville, PA 18960

Students will decorate a chicken egg forthe body, and then can add feathers, lace, and flowers to the neck.  Cold porcelain head will be provided, but students will also make one during class.  Students should bring: RET’s and small

Thursday  4/25/19    12 noon-4:00 pm

Cost: $45.00    Deposit by 3/20:$20.00

Rebecca White
10806 S.W. 8th Ave.
Gainesville, FL 32635


All Seminars must be taught in paid class rooms

 “Baby Carrier”

Create an elegant baby carrier from an ostrich egg.  The handle raises or lowers to carry or tend the baby.  Collectable doll is not available at this time.  Cost is for the egg only and the baby doll is additional and optional.  Color choice is available-should be noted when reservation is made.

4/27/19      8:00 am-12 noon
Cost: $60.00     pay in full 4/1/19

Cleone Miller
4479 Battle Creek Rd
Olivet, MI 49076
269-749-2189     jamesmiller@voyager.net