“Delicate Rose Spray”
You will create, from scratch, a “Life Like” small rose bud, medium size rose bud, and a full open rose.  Also six leaves, and three Forget-me-nots.  You will be using a home made recipe which I will give to you so you can continue making flowers at home.                                                                          

Students should bring:  Cloth to work on, white glue such as Sobo or Elmers, small sharp scissors, paint brushes, water colors and embossing tools (if you have them). Ret’s can’t hurt.

Friday 4/27/18         8:00am-11:00am

Cost: $40.00         payment in full by 4/1/18

Lona Dagutis                215-453-5067

15 Kittery Ct.                Ldagutis417@hotmail.com

​Sellersville, PA 18960

 “Peacock Pendant”

Students will place a silk print on a quail egg

that has been cut to fit the jewelry finding.  They will then add crystals around the edge,  along with cording and chain.
Students should bring:  RET’s

Thursday 4/26/18        6:00pm-8:00pm

Cost: $35.00       $20.00 deposit by 3/31/18

Rebecca R White

PO Box 357910               972-978-2501
Gainesville, FL 32635     morganafey.rw@gmail.com

 “Foxglove Fairy”

A Rhea Egg is delivered cut with a foxglove flower stock cut out on the side of the center opening and painted a pale yellow.  You will paint flowers and buds pink, only to be covered with ballentine, opaque flat backs, and Swarovski crystal flat backs.  You will roughly paint leaves to give them dimension.  Egg will be set on a base.

Students should bring: RET’s

Sunday 4/29/18          10:00am-2:00pm

Cost: $150.00             $50.00 deposit by  4/1/18

Connie Taylor                  ctaylor581@gmail.com
31 Theodore Ave.                978-475-6081
Andover MA, 01810

“The Frog”

You asked for it-now here it is!  Students will learn to make the lily pad and the “pin,” which is the focal point of the egg.  Kit includes all materials, including enameled egg, base, and custom corian.  Flowers will be different due to availability, but will be of equal quality.

Students should bring:  RET’s, including epoxy and small paintbrushes

Thursday, 4/26/18,   9:00am - 6:00pm

Cost: $105.00       $50 deposit     by 4/1/18

Marcia Robbins

4502 E Shomi St.               480-893-3225
Phoenix, AZ 85044             nytoazeggs@aol.com

Please contact each teacher directly to reserve your seat.

Seminars are a great way to expand your egging “know-how” and meet other egg art enthusiasts.  Our experienced instructors will help you on your way to discovering new techniques and designs.

“Imperial Griffins”       

Inspired by Peter Carl Faberge, this Enameled Jumbo Duck egg features a golden hinge ring decorated with Crystal Chain, Bead Chain, and a new Crystal Designed Chain.  The egg is supported by 3 Griffins, each brandishing a sword and a shield.  This limited stand is plated in gold and enamel.  The top of the egg features yet another pair of Imperial
Griffins and is crowned with a jeweled Royal Finial.  The real surprise is the gift inside.  When the egg is opened, a treasure is revealed-a removable locket-style hinged frame that contains 5 different pictures when opened up.  The elegance of this egg is truly an expression of Faberge.

Students should bring: RET’s and Epoxy

Friday 4/27/18                  1:00pm-5:00pm

Cost $ 115.00           sign-up deadline 4/10/18

 Russ Hagen                    208-745-8080 

PO Box 11                      eggsbyruss@hotmail.com             
Rigby, Idaho 83442

“Buzzing Along”

Come and create this beautiful jeweled bumblebee!  Cultures around the world consider the bee a symbol of immortality, but it won’t take you till the end of time to create him, even if you don’t finish in class.  All skill levels are welcome and will have no trouble making the bee.  Only basic RETs are needed-bring your favorite way of placing rhinestones.  Don’t get “stung” by missing out-come to class and “buzz along” with me!

Saturday 4/28/18        8:00am-10:00am

Cost: $55.00           $30.00 due by 4/1/18

Lisa Riley           Lirispree@hotmail.com
251 Valley Park S      484-554-9049
Bethlehem, PA 18018

“The Weathered Look with Ribbons and Roses” 

Learn to make your own “Ribbon Roses”, “Pin Bows”, and to use “Crackle” to achieve different effects, while creating the perfect…Christmas, New Year, Easter, or Happy Holidays…Ornament.  Color and theme choices by request.

Students should bring: RET’s

Sunday 4/29/18              8:00am-10:00am
Cost: $60.00                  $30.00 deposit due by 4/15/18

Eloise Schooley
509 Spurlock Ct
Chesapeake, VA 23322-7279
H-757-410-8881  C-757-373-3564

"Faberge First Imperial Egg 1885”

Let’s make a replica of this incredible creation.  We will use 2 goose eggs to make the shell, 2 duck eggs to make the golden yolk, and a tiny ruby rhinestone finch egg necklace for the hidden treasure inside the golden chicken.

Students should bring: RET’s and sturdy curved manicure scissors

Saturday 4/28/18         10:00am-2:00pm

Cost: $95.00               $50.00 deposit by 4/1/18

Cleone Miller                269-749-2189
4479 Battle Creek Rd
Olivet, MI 49076        jamesmiller@voyager.net

“Magic in the Air: Harry Potter”

A goose egg will be cut and ready to paint and decorate in class.  You will learn this easy technique to paint “old world” metal.  Decorate the egg with chain, wire, and silver rhinestones.  Inside will be a few of a magician’s “tools” (Harry Potter).  Note: picture shows a hanging egg, but you may choose to put it on a stand, which I will have.

Students should bring: RET’s & Omni stik glue

Friday 4/27/18         11:00am-1:00pm

Cost $50.00          payment in full by 4/1/18

Debbie Botts Poster        303-805-1509

6331 N Lakepoint Pl     Debinart@aol.com            

Parker CO 80134