Contests, Classes and Egg Show Fun

The theme for the annual egg show contest is “Happiness is Sunshine Yellow”.

  • Contest entries are open to all exhibitors, dealers and Eggs Original Club members
  •  Visitors are encouraged to vote for their favorite piece keeping in mind the theme.
  • Entries must be original designs, No copies or designs from a kit.
  • 50/50 Raffle: Drawing will be held 2:30 p.m. Sunday. NEED NOT BE PRESENT TO WIN.
  • Tickets will be available to purchase at the show.


2014 Contest winners. Theme was “Pretty in Pink”.   Best of Show - Lisa Riley, 1st Place-Lona Dagutis,

 2nd Place - BJ Taylor, 3rd Place - Sharon Connolly.  Honorable mentions - Louise Habakus, Alice Stralkus and Doris Jones.

Meet & Greet: Friday evening at 5:00pm Room will be specified.  Come and socialize with us.


After Show Quickie: Saturday: Immediately after the show.  Cleone Miller, Karen Farber and Debbie Botts will each teach a one hour surprise quickie for your enjoyment to use in or on an egg.  You won’t be disappointed.  Cost $35.00. Must sign up in advance of the show so instructors have a head count.




Egg Art Seminars

Please contact each teacher directly to reserve your seat.

Seminars are a great way to expand your egging “know-how” and meet other egg art enthusiasts.  Our experienced instructors will help you on your way to discovering new techniques and designs.

The Art of Landscaping

Thursday, April 23, 2014                                                                    

AM Class = 9:00 am. - 12:00 noon                                                     .

Cost: $45.00  Deposit $20.00                                                           

Deadline: April 1, 2015                                                                       

Kathryn Johnson

1971 Bushkill Dr

Easton, PA 18040-8140



Come spend a few hours with me and I will teach you the techniques of summer landscaping just like I used in the 2013 Best of Show egg, plus more.  You will make several types of trees, bushes, flowers, vines to be used on a trellis or fence and a pond.

All supplies will be included.  When the class is completed you will be able to make your own summer eggs. 

Bring your RET’s.  

Come Fly with Me                                                                            

Thursday – April 23, 2015                                                                

1 pm to 4 pm                                                                                                       

Cost $60.00 (Deposit $30.00)                                                                          

Deadline: April 1, 2015     

Chuck Bradbury

235 Vista Drive   

Forks Township, PA 18040



Learn the art of painting an egg to look like a hot air balloon.  The balloon panels will appear 3-dimensional.  The most important part of this project is perfecting the shading between the panels.  Supplied will be – one large goose egg marked, necessary paint brushes, basket, gold cord, tacky & Elmers glue.  Written instructions will be provided. 

Bring your imagination and at least three (3) acrylic light colors of your choice of paints.


Friday  April 24, 2015                                                                

9 am to 12 noon                                                                       

Cost: $135.00 ($60.00)

Deadline:  April 1, 2015                                                                                                                                      

Debbie (Botts) Poster

6331 N. Lakepoint Place

Parker, CO  80134



Rhea egg is cut for a “Treasure Box”.  Custom silk print-Leopard, rhinestone chain (choose Smoky Topaz or Tourmaline Green) and lots of gold filigrees will adorn this large Rhea egg.  Stand is subject to change based on availability.  Cut sections on top allow fabric to peek through.

Bring RET’s-cradle for Rhea egg, wire cutters, needle nose pliers are needed, your favorite glue for metal filigree (NO EPOXY!) E-6000 or such.

My Puzzled Heart

Friday – April 25, 2014                                                                               

12 pm to 5 pm                                                                                              

Cost - $75.00 – Deposit in Full                                                                 

Deadline – April 1, 2015

Virgi Bondi

3124 Calypso Lane

Roseville, CA 95661                                                                      


This pre-cut 11” Goose egg with 15 heart shapes will be puzzled together to create a romantic ornament.  Stand included.

 Bring: RET’s, epoxy, jewelry pliers, cutters and your smile.  All else will be supplied.


Happy Birthday

Saturday, April 25, 2015                                                                                

8:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.                                                                       

Cost: $50   In full upon registration                                                    

Deadline: April 1, 2015                                                                       

Cleone Miller

4479 Battlecreek Road

Olivet, Michigan 49076



You will decorate a medium to large goose egg with silk ribbon edging.  Frost and decorate a cut smaller egg shell to fashion the inside birthday cake.

Then add tiny flowers and other decorations to trim the miniature cake using tinted liquid lace (recipe included) using a fine tipped glue bottle.

 Bring RET’s, epoxy, and thick designer tacky. 

Victorian Silhouette(Scherenschnitte)

Saturday: April 25, 2015                                                                

10 am to 12 noon                                                                            

Cost $45.00  (Deposit $20.00)                                                      

Deadline: April 1, 2015

Sharon Connolly

302 River Street

Rochester, NY 14612-4720                                                                      



This German paper cutting art will be applied to a goose egg.  The student will learn how to transfer the pattern to the egg, then cut the pattern and finish with black paint & cording.  There will be a choice of patterns.  This requires cutting experience and if you haven’t done fine cutting it’s a great time to learn with help.

Bring: RET’s, fine tipped brush, soft #2 pencil, pink eraser, scotch tape. Mask and latex gloves will be supplied.  If you have an allergy to latex you must let me know for cutting.  


Kicking Up Leaves

Saturday April 26, 2015                                                                    

12 noon to 4 pm                                                                                 

Cost: $95.00  Deposit: $35.00                                                           

Deadline: March 15, 2015

Connie Taylor

31 Theodore Ave.

Andover, MA 01810




Kit contains a Rhea egg cut and painted taupe. Curved cutouts will be covered with orange chiffon and small oval cutouts will be encircled with jewels, paper, fabric and aluminum leaves.  Most leaves will be delivered cut, but you will get a chance to cut and emboss some leaves with stamping tools.  Inside the egg, in a bed of leaves, is a joyful fairy kicking up leaves as she struts along.  Some of those leaves will spill out of the egg.

Bring RET’s.

For the Birds

Sunday April 26, 2015                                                                       

8 am to 11 am                                                                                    

Cost: $75.00 Deposit: $50.00                                                                                    

Deadline: April 1, 2015

Dani Fausek  

PO Box 454

Oconomowoc, WI 53066


You will create a beautiful birdhouse from a large goose egg.  The egg will be pre-cut and ready for you.  You will be using alcohol ink to color the eggshell, then apply moss, branches, bark and flora around the egg and stand creating a wonderful place for your birds to rest.  In addition a miniature bird nest will sit on top of the shell just waiting for the little ones to hatch.  Each egg will be unique to you.  You may select the colors to use, the birds, and the stand of your choice.  One egg will be provided in class for this design.  You may bring extra eggs to color if you wish.    Bring RET’s.

Iridescent Critters

Sunday April 26, 2015                                                                   

10 am to 12 am                                                                                

Cost $40.00 (deposit $20.00)                                                        

Deadline: April 1, 2015

Lisa Riley

251 Valley Park South

Bethlehem, PA 18018



The perfect touch in and around eggs!  Learn how to make butterflies and dragonflies with beautifully detailed iridescent wings. This technique is easy and quick-everyone can do this! 

Bring to class –RET’s and be ready to have a great time while learning something new and useful!